Garage Doors Gatineau

Do you have home garage doors in Gatineau, Quebec? In this case, you will eventually need our assistance. Garage systems require good maintenance and fast repairs, and we are qualified to provide professional services. The team in our Gatineau Garage Door Repair business consists of well-trained and certified technicians. We have the knowhow to take care of residential doors, install new openers, offer maintenance, make adjustments, replace broken parts and help you with your door needs.

Things we can do with your existing or new garage doors

  • Dream of getting a new door? Let us help you with that project! Garage door replacement is far from easy. It entails many serious decisions and also finding the ideal door and perhaps opener. Do you want an expert’s opinion? Need assistance? In times like these, we stand by the client’s side and are ready to offer advice and make recommendations so that they will get what they need on budget.
  • New doors and openers are ordered and installed as soon as possible. What makes our assistance invaluable is the fact that our technicians also check whether other parts must be replaced, too. Are the springs strong enough to hold the new door’s weight? Are the tracks in good condition and of the right size? We leave nothing out and that’s why your new Gatineau garage doors will perform to your expectations.
  • Need emergency same day garage doors repair in Gatineau? When cables snap, tracks are misaligned, springs break and sensors are damaged, the door gets stuck, won’t stay open or won’t open at all. Let our technicians find what’s currently wrong with your door. We provide troubleshooting and repair the problem. Is there need to replace parts? There are repair parts in our trucks which are used in similar situations. Rest assured that your door will be as good as new in timely fashion.
  • Want maintenance? The best way to avoid serious problems or even injuries is to trust our routine garage door service. We make adjustments, lubricate, fix, tighten fasteners, check the opener and take care of the whole mechanism.

Whether you want fast repair, opener service, routine inspections, replacements and installations, or emergency help, you will have the immediate support of our garage door company. Just call to say what your needs are!