Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Snapped torsion spring? Want to adjust the garage door torsion spring in Gatineau? Whenever you need assistance with the spring, get in contact with our company. With the right equipment in our vans and great experience in spring services, we can handle any problem. Our techs replace, repair, and install torsion springs in Gatineau, Quebec, promptly and affordably. When it comes to these tensed parts of your door, expect our quick support. At Garage Door Torsion Spring GatineauGatineau Garage Door Repair, we provide same day spring service.

Contact us to replace the snapped garage door torsion spring

If the spring broke, call us right away. We offer same day broken torsion spring replacement. It’s easy to tell if the spring is broken. It’s split into two pieces. And the door won’t open. Rest assured that our techs can replace torsion springs regardless of their type and brand. We replace and install springs irrespective of the door type too. Whether you have overhead or roll up doors, we can help. In fact, our tech will bring the right garage door torsion spring replacement with him to be sure the proper one is installed.

We use special equipment in order to replace, install but also adjust springs. Torsion spring adjustment is required after the installation. Our tech makes sure the new spring has enough tension to lift, balance, lower, and keep the door open.

Available and trained for any torsion spring repair

Do you need to adjust the existing spring? Call us. Our torsion and extension springs repair service includes adjustments. We often have to add tension since springs get weakened over time. Sometimes, we also have to reduce tension. Either way, you can count on us to do the job right.

Our torsion spring repair service also includes lubrication. Lubes keep the coils of your spring in good condition. They help them resist rust but also the cold weather. So, it’s good for you to call us to take care of your springs before the winter comes. We can handle problems and prepare the springs to work throughout the cold period of the year. Of course, we are always here to assist with sudden issues, broken springs, and any service. Give us a call for any Gatineau garage door torsion spring repair today.