Garage Door Installation

Time to install a new overhead door at home in Gatineau, Quebec? Need advice before you pick a new door? Whether you have a dilemma if it’s the right time to replace the door or are decided, our pros are here to offer assistance. This comes in the form of advice, consultation, recommendations, suggestions, and garage door installation in Gatineau. We make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice and our service. Our technicians are certified, insured, and qualified to install any type of residential door whether you want an average size door or 3-car wood garage doors. Your expectations are fully met every step of the way.Garage Door Installation Gatineau

Which garage door would you like for your home in Gatineau?

Replacing the existing aluminum garage doors is hard let alone searching a door for a new construction. In either case, you can count on our assistance. From measuring your garage to offering recommendations and providing you with the information you need in order to choose a new door and often opener, our techs will have you covered. Our staff is available to answer any question about door materials and types, sizes and brands, insulated doors and the garage door installation process.

We provide garage door installation by the book

Gatineau garage door installation is performed when it is convenient to you. Our techs will be at your residence to remove the existing door and assemble the new one. Once the door is installed, our pros check its movement and make sure all the connections in regard to the opener are done correctly. We set the travel limit of the door as well as its force, check the alignment of the sensors, and test the efficiency of the reverse system.

We can install all types of metal doors, including insulated steel garage doors. Our pros are experienced in wind load doors and the requirements of any door type and material. Whether you choose aluminum or glass doors, trust our service. If you are not sure whether wood or aluminum is the best solution for your garage, let us talk. New garage door installation is supposed to be an exciting moment in your life and we make sure it is with expert work and full support. Call Gatineau Garage Door Repair for further details.