Garage Door Cables Repair

Let us cover your Gatineau garage door cables repair needs! If cables come off their drum, the overhead door won’t open right. As experts in spring & cable systems, we can fix these special overhead door parts efficiently. If they are broken, the tech from our Gatineau Garage Door Repair will replace them. Whether you are in need of repairs or replacement, rely on our cable service expertise. We keep several types of cables in our trucks to replace yours right on the spot.Garage Door Cables Repair Gatineau

We replace garage door cables urgently

There are two garage door cables. Even if one of them breaks, the door won’t move properly. It will properly dangle and get stuck making the garage unsafe. Cables snap when they are extensively frayed, the springs are damaged too, or the door is too heavy. In many instances, cables and springs break together. Our job is to restore such damage by offering garage door cables replacement. You can rest easy that our techs respond quickly to replace snapped cables in Gatineau, Quebec.

Let us install garage door cables

Installing garage door cables is not easy. These parts must be connected to the spring system, go around their drum and get attached to the brackets at the lower parts of the door. And no all residential doors are the same. Depending on the height of the headroom, some cable drums are placed inside and some outside of the end plate. The end part of the cable is also different. Since we keep our vans stocked with several cable types, we provide you with the ideal one for your door and once we install the cables, we level the door.

Count on our same day cable repair service

We also do any garage door cables repair needed. Cables often come off the track or drum. Our techs inspect all parts before putting the cable back to its right position and make sure it is tensed. The service is performed as soon as possible by well-equipped technicians with long experience and honed skills. Call us to fix your cables today! Trust us to cover quickly and professionally your garage door cables repair Gatineau needs.