Electric Garage Door

When your garage door is reversing without anything obstructing it, call us. If the clicker is broken or the chain seems to be loose, trust our electric garage door Gatineau service. When it comes to opener problems and electric garage systems, our team responds as fast as possible. All pros from our Gatineau Garage Door Repair are certified, insured, and qualified. So you can trust that each and every service in Gatineau is performed with accuracy by expert techs.Electric Garage Door Gatineau

What do we offer as a garage door company?

  • Electric garage door repair – call us if there is any problem with the opener and its parts. But you can also turn to us for issues possibly caused by the mechanical components. We provide same day repair and bring the right equipment with us to service your door properly.
  • Electric garage door installation – this involves the installation of either the door or the opener. And we can install both too. It’s important to trust such services to our expert techs because incorrect installation will bring many headaches in the future. Our pros are insured and certified and have the skills to install any branded opener and door type.
  • Maintenance service – we can maintain the entire door or just drop by for electric door opener service. Our job is to check the door’s movement and adjust its travel limit, force, and balance. We lubricate and do any repair work necessary for smooth operation.

The importance of electric opener services

There is a good reason why we offer same day electric garage door opener repair. If the motor doesn’t work, the door won’t open automatically. Why would the motor won’t work? There might be a short with the wiring, the gears might break, and the chain might become damaged. But the door might fail to close due to sensor problems. When such problems occur, the opener won’t be able to protect you. And since your safety is significant, any opener service is vital. So call us to service your electric garage door in Gatineau, Quebec, today.