Custom Size Garage Doors

Homeowners who are considering getting custom size garage doors in Gatineau, Quebec, may put their trust in our team. With customized garage doors, you have the opportunity to get exactly what you want in terms of material, style, color, insulation, dimensions, and features. Sometimes, having new garage doors custom-made is the only solution due to space limitations. If you want accuracy, professionalism, and experience, stay where you are. Gatineau Garage Door Repair is the company you can trust for high-quality products and service. Let us give you an idea.

For custom size garage doors, Gatineau homeowners can turn to us

Custom Size Garage Doors Gatineau

We assume that you plan a custom size garage doors installation in Gatineau. This is likely because you don’t like off-the-shelf products and prefer a more personalized approach or because you need to find a specific size for a perfect fit. We understand and are ready to serve.

How do things get in motion? With you making contact with us, of course. What follows? Measurements. A pro comes out to see what dimensions are required in your garage and also provides answers, information, and an estimate for the custom size garage door installation service.

Want a custom size garage door? Maybe, an RV garage door size?

The main reason why anyone would want custom size garage doors is to ensure the garage door is made to precise measurements to be a perfect fit. Of course, with custom garage doors, you also get the exact aesthetics you are looking to find – anything from color to material and design. You also get practical solutions based on your specific requirements, anything from insulation to resilience and impact resistance. There are choices. And when you turn to us, you get excellent craftsmanship, the exact size required, and everything installed by the book.

It’s fair to say that custom size garage doors are often needed in cases where family changes drive you to make garage changes. Like when you get an RV and must now retrofit the garage to make sure it fits. Or, when you don’t want two single garage doors, for example, and provided you can tear down the column that stands between them, you want a particularly wide garage door.

Have your custom-made garage door installed flawlessly

When one-car garage doors and two-car garage doors – the standard sizes – are not for you and when you seek personalized solutions, turn to our team. Let’s see what size you need. Let’s explore your needs in terms of features and aesthetics. Be sure of the choices and the flawless installation. If you are ready to discuss a project that would involve the delivery and installation of custom size garage doors, Gatineau’s most experienced company is at your service.